Norit Activated Charcoal

September 26, 2010 10 comments

Anyone would probably at any of his or her lifetime be prescribed the activated charcoal pills for easing some stomach discomfort, from general indigestion to food poisoning.  This activated charcoal is actually a carbon with extremely porous form to allow it to adsorb excess stomach gas, most chemicals and poisons ingested, thus, make it handy to have during your travels and at home for emergency food poisoning before sending a doctor. It is considered a very safe product since it will not be absorbed into our blood system after ingestion, those whom have taken it would know where it ends up in the toilet with those chemicals and poison ingested.

I do a review here on Norit, a product from Netherlands comes with 200mg activated charcoal in a capsule form, it is still considered quite a new product in Malaysia, but in actual fact that not known to many locals that it has been long and indeed a product leader in worldwide market, in which it is claimed that over 6% of the world population or half a billion, have been consuming water purified by Norit activated charcoal. The manufacturer, Norit Pharmaceuticals, also provides the raw material of its activated charcoal to another well known brand in Malaysia.

Norit activated charcoal comes in the capsule form, the gelatin used for the capsule is sourced from bovine, that has been certified halal from Spain and at the time of this writing, application of the halal certificate from Malaysia is in process. I like the fact that the capsule form make it easier to swallow compared to the tablet form, why, as you won’t find it is trying to suck all your saliva along your throat that make you feel like you are being choked compared to taking them in tablet form. This is indeed helpful if you don’t have much drinking water with you during travelling, or for kids (above 6 years anyway) to want to swallow it, ever remember how was the experience when your kids swallow their first medicine in pill? Well, activated charcoal in tablet form is much worse for them than you can imagine.

Besides, Norit is ‘purer’ in a capsule form without much added ingredients to make it a tablet (you need more stuff to mix with to make something into a solid tablet form), by taking note that the more ingredients you mixed with any activated charcoal, the more portion of the charcoal is used up by them, which is actually for adsorbing chemicals and poison in the guts. The rule of thumb in consuming any activated charcoal is: other than water, don’t take any other things else together with it as they will all be adsorbed and ended up in the toilet together with the charcoal. Thus, also remember when next time you were prescribed activated charcoal in which you still need to take other medicines like for hypertension, or with the anti-diarrhea pills, be sure you take them in separately at different time.

Norit, throughout my practices, is mostly effective recommended for cases like stomach discomfort due to food indigestion, flatulence (excess wind in the stomach), and mild food poisoning. It is anyhow not that favorable in treating stomach cramps that you mostly need Hyoscine, and excess wind from irritable bowel syndrome which you need to tackle at the wider aspect like choice of food and stress management.

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Bio-Life Organic Spirulina

September 15, 2010 7 comments

I used to start by labeling spirulina as Superfood when I try to explain to my customers about it. And they will sure catch the idea why ‘super’ when I mentioned Spirulina actually contains tons of nutritional ingredients such as vitamin A, various B, C, D E, then you have complete protein like all essential amino acids, with the all-time famous DHA (yeap, DHA is not solely belongs to Fish Oil alone), GLA, ALA, as though this is not enough, Spirulina also contains multi minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Iron Chromium and … phytosynthetic pigment like the well known Zeaxanthin … trust me, no one customer will ever allow you to keep continuing from here, and all will whole-heartedly accept it as a Superfood you mentioned earlier. To summarize this, just take that Spirulina is a spiral blue-green alga, with various nutritional value, that one should treat it as a multivitamin plus mineral in the organic form.

Looking into the nutritional value in the organic form of Spirulina, there is no doubt Spirulina works wonder to correct any health issues arise from lack of nutritional, but Mayo Clinic has raised a doubt which I think it should not be raised in the first place: they stated that Spirulina could certainly help people who are malnourished, it’s doubtful they would do much to keep already well-nourished people healthy. I think this is a common sense that one with sound mind should not expect a perfectly healthy human being to be a Superman with taking nutritional supplements. I believe they should look into how many people (even in their country) are really getting the right food or eat healthily and how supplement like Spirulina could help.

There are quite a number of brands of Spirulina in the market, today I randomly choose Bio-Life Organic Spirulina 500mg in Vegetable Capsule for this review. Actually the first thing you notice that separates it from most others, is its capsule form readily to be swallowed, compared to those in chewable tablet form. The fine powder in the capsule allows it to be absorbed well without the needs to chew, and you asked, so what? The answer is you won’t find those dark green color alga stick to your teeth and color your tongue and lips green or black, and it saves you the taste of chlorophyll similar to blood that not many will tolerate.

The Bio-Life Spirulina as the organic nutritional supplement comes in vegetable capsule, is very well accepted by those reject the idea in consuming synthetic formula like multivitamin-mineral tablet, those embracing organic life style and as well as vegetarian. I also treat it as one of the best option for those needs multivitamin-mineral supplements but with poor digestive system for better absorption due to its organic form. In fact I find it suits well for many whom are not having decent meals most of the time, and those having health issues mainly arise from lack of necessary nutritions such as general hair, nail, skin problems, indigestion and general fatigue, have been providing me much positive feedbacks on adding Bio-Life Spirulina into their routine supplement intake.

I would appreciate any reader who would like to share yours experience in taking this Bio-Life Spirulina, to comment to provide all other readers more testimonials,  be they are the positive or negative one. Or if you have any inquiry, please post at


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